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Spotting the Telltale Signs of a Bad ROLEX Knockoff

The Prices of Real and Replica Rolex Watches 
The first sign is obviously the price. Keep in mind that genuine Rolex watches are ultra-expensive in comparison with other branded watches because of their stature as among the most luxurious timepieces. Thus, not everybody can afford to own a Rolex, much less several Rolex watches. Finding a brand-new authentic Rolex watch for under $5,000 is nearly impossible because these products cost so much more. Just by price alone, a Rolex replica can be identified, especially when it’s being sold for $200 or less. Don’t be fooled by sellers who say that they are selling their genuine Rolex watches at a bargain because they need the money, never mind if it’s an inheritance.

If the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is so buyer beware is always a great adage to remember. Even when a genuine Rolex isn’t in mint condition, its value will hold exceptionally well with the passing of the years. In contrast, many other luxury brands will depreciate in value so many buyers will snap them up when these are offered at lower prices.

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The Materials and Details on Replica Rolex Watches

Keep in mind, too, that every Rolex watch is perfection unto itself. You don’t really have to possess expert knowledge and skills in watchmaking to differentiate between a real and replica Rolex watch. You just have to look for signs of imperfection, such as shallow engravings, blurry letters and numbers, rough surfaces on the case and bracelet, and smudges, scratches and rough edges.

Rolex only uses the best possible materials in its watches with many of them, such as the Sky Dweller, Day Date, and Cellini, made only from precious metals. These materials can include 950 platinum and 18-karat gold in various tones like yellow, rose and white. Even the stainless steel used on many sporty Rolex watches isn’t the conventional stainless steel – it’s 904L stainless steel, an alloy 10 times stronger than even fine-grade surgical steel. Indeed, the material is chosen for its high resistance against dents, nicks and scratches as well as for its relatively heavier weight.

Rolex also ensures that its functions, such as the day and date display, has smooth operations – and the best Rolex replicas also copies it. In most inferior Rolex replicas, these functions aren’t functional at all (i.e., purely for appearance’s sake). Every authentic Rolex movement has also been assembled in-house, which means that it has been customized for the specific model. In contrast, knockoff Rolex watches have the same movement for all models (i.e., non-customized movements).

Rolex is one of the most counterfeited brands of luxury watches. This is because many people are clamoring and wishing to have this designer watch on their wrists. It is just that they cannot afford the thousands to hundred thousands of dollars on the price tag of genuine Rolex watches. If you want to buy a fake Rolex Submariner watch, you can easily do so online. Some buyers also resort to looking for watches sold by street vendors. Some Rolex Submariner knockoffs have transparent casebacks. Replica watch makers intended to display the watch’s interiors. However, Rolex does not have these clear casebacks for their watches. Replica Rolex watches do not have a hologram-encoded 3D sticker.

Red Flag: An Unfocused Window on a Rolex Submariner

On Rolex Submariner models with the date feature, the date automatically changes while the Cyclops lens magnifies the font above it, specifically on the sapphire crystal glass. The Cyclops lens magnifies objects behind it by 2.5x, a design feature many replica Rolex Submariner watches miss out on. A genuine Rolex Submariner's date feature will jump out, so to speak, but it's harder to read on a replica because of the incorrect magnification power, usually at lower rate like 1.5x in most fakes. The lens will also likely not fall over the font because of the improper setting of the crystal. Spotting bad Submariner replica watches.

Here we show you how to find the finest ♛ ROLEX Submariner replicas with Swiss ETA movement and avoide the telltale signs of a Bad ROLEX Knockoffs. You deserve only the best!

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