Tips for Spotting a Replica Rolex Submariner

The Rolex Submariner was first introduced as a sports watch suitable for underwater use, thus, its popularity among surfers, scuba divers, and snorkelers. Today, the sporty watch is also used for daily wear although it’s still known as among the best diver’s watches in the world.

As with the genuine Rolex Submariner, the replica is just as popular among watch lovers with limited budgets. This isn’t surprising as the level of sophistication in watch replication technology applied on its manufactures has improved by leaps and bounds. Unless you have a trained eye for spotting a real Rolex from its replica, you will likely think that the latter is a genuine luxury watch, too. You will love that it looks and feels exactly like the real deal except for its significantly more affordable price.

The general points discussed for spotting a Rolex replica watch will apply to all the models. But there are still a few specific things that can only be applied to each model. You have to apply patience, perseverance and practice in acquiring the ability to tell the difference between a genuine and knockoff Rolex Submariner.

Rolex ETA Submariner Replica UK sale

Swiss-made ETA Rolex replica watch. This is just like the 2824-2, except that it has a day/date function needed for Rolex Day-Date , Lady Datejust 28mm and Datejust 40 replica models.

Swiss Rolex ETA Submariner Replica UK

Spotting a Replica Rolex In Terms of Security Features

Over the years, Rolex has introduced several security features in its watches. These can be used by buyers in spotting real Rolex watches from replicas without opening the case and looking at their movement. These include matching serial numbers on the bracelet and case, laser etching on the sapphire crystal glass, and hologram stickers on the back of the case. These are exterior features that can easily be seen using your naked eye, in sharp contrast with examining the movement. Swiss ETA 2836-2 Movements in replica watches.

The premium Rolex replica watches have done an excellent job in copying most of these security features on their genuine counterparts. But there's a security feature that replica makers cannot copy yet – the laser-etched crown logo of the brand at the 6 o'clock position.
But even without it, a Rolex watch isn't necessarily a fake if it doesn't have the green sticker on its case back. Introduced in the 1990s, the green sticker was replaced with a 3D hologram in the 2000s but was discontinued in 2007. But since the laser-etched crown is a hard act to follow for replica makers, its absence on a Rolex watch still the best way to spot a replica.

While most replica Rolex watches have doubtful quality, you will still be able to differentiate between a real and replica Rolex as well as between a bad and a good Rolex replica. But beware as there are plenty of unethical dealers who market their replica Rolex watches as the real deal. This is one of the reasons for discussing in greater detail the differences between real and replica Rolex watches according to the collection.

Telling a Rolex Submariner Replica Without Opening Its Case

When you know the design features on an original Rolex watch, especially the model you're planning to buy, you will have the tools necessary in spotting a replica Rolex Submariner. You can do this just by making close inspections of the watch's exterior instead of opening its case and checking the movement.  By the way, you shouldn't open the watch to look at the movement since it will likely damage the watch – only a trained watch jeweler should do it, especially since they have the knowledge to determine the movement's quality. Best quality clones.

Bear in mind, too, that while premium Rolex Submariner replicas have nearly perfect details, as copied from a genuine Rolex Submariner, none of these replicas will ever be 100% perfect. Thus, if you're going over these features as is, you wouldn't think of the issue of telling the difference between a real and replica Rolex Submariner as an issue anymore.

Rolex Submariner Replica Watches in UK

Submariner Tachymeter Gold and Steel

Submariner Tachymeter Gold and Steel

Replica Submariner ETA movement

Replica Submariner Date Steel ETA

Green Dial Replica Submariner ETA

Green Dial Replica Submariner ETA

Submariner Ladies Replica

Rolex Submariner Replica for Ladies

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